where the wind hits heavy on the borderline: mt/id

I was still playing catch up to Cowboy Stripper on my way out of Lima. He left the morning I got into town, and I didn’t get back on trail until 6pm or so. I had about 20 miles to make up at least over 4 days.

The section from Lima to Leadore followed the border — the divide — for about 100 miles. Most of the time it was actually right on top of the divide, which turned out to be a real roller coaster and leg burner. I still thought it was gorgeous and managed to catch Cowboy along with some other cool hikertrash before heading into town. I also experienced a whiteout, sideways, 50mph, freezing mist storm for an entire morning. It’s actually way more fun that it sounds.

From Leadore, we actually had to skirt around a fire closure (which turned out to be lifted by the time we went through). We did about a day and a half on trail then dropped down to the highway for 65 more miles. By chance, we got a free stay at this couple’s bed and breakfast (amazing!! Probably the most generous thing to happen). We then realized that the Salmon River paralleled our highway for about 20 miles, so we rented  raft and “aqua blazed” for a day and a half. Wow that was fun.

Sorry this is a bit hasty, Cowboy and I are already hitching back out of Darby after a few beers from the smallest brewery in Montana and too much pizza.

We have less than 550 miles left! Gee wowie.



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