Lake City to Salida

*started writing this in Salida then had to get going so finishing this up after the fact in Leadville*

Walking on trail, actual trail with little to no snow, is awesome. I was able to cruise through this past 100 mile section with ease. Quite a change from the snowy, scary San Juans.

The first day was a toughie. We did about 6000′ of uphill that day, capped by summiting our first 14er of the trail, San Luis Peak. After that, we dropped down to much lower elevations — 9000-10500′ — for most of the rest of the way. The mosquitos are now in full force. Not having bug spray or any sort of bug protection under my tarp is a little rough…

For some reason, towards the end of the section I decided to book it as far as I could in one day to a cabin only 10 miles away from Monarch Pass where we would hitch into Salida. I made it about 38 miles before I ate a ton of double stuff Oreos then felt so bad I had to call it a night.

The next morning I walked the rest of the way to the cabin then had the entire day to myself to read the Two Towers on my kindle. So glorious. Arrived in Salida the day after that…

Hanging out in the hostel in lake city


Found this fireball on the cairn


San Luis peak, first 14er!
After 22ish miles and 6000′ of up vertical


Trail magic near the highway!
I h8 mosquitos


Camp morning after a 38 mile day
Just before the cabin I never took pictures of


I walked around this, they climbed over it

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