Cuba to Ghost Ranch

Well the stretch from Cuba to Ghost Ranch was slow… On purpose… There is some serious snow left in Colorado, so we are taking our time.

Over four days we hiked over the San Pedro peaks, through snow and sloshy mud fields. I saw a bunch of elk on day two! We played the board game Carcassonne at least twice a day, sometimes thrice. The scenery was gorgeous, classic New Mexico variety– from pine trees and mountains to sandstone layered mesas and sweet smelling sage brush. Sometimes I rubbed it under the brim of my hat to get that fresh whiff when the breeze kicked up.

The last night we saw an epic moonrise. So cool. I geeked out and said I never wanted to grow up so people started calling me Peter Pan, but Slingshot is still my name. After all, Uberdude got me a slingshot from a gas station, which I’m now going to be carrying to Canada. What fun!

Snow has been the topic of hiker talk. The San Juans look pretty scary. To get to Cumbres Pass, we will have to walk through some serious snow at 10,000′ before hitching to Chama. There, I will receive my snowshoes, microspikes, and my ice axe for the San Juans. So far, we’re not quite sure if anybody ahead of us has walked the entire high route from Chama to Pagosa Springs. RightOn has been discussing staying up high on the ridge so we don’t have to walk on sketchy slopes that have Avalanche potential. Furthermore, I’ll probably be camping on top of snow, so we will sleep two under my tarp (embrace the brotality) and use our snowshoes and microspikes as snow anchors for stakes, since regular stakes don’t really work in the snow.

Anyways, who knows what will happen. I’m pretty excited and nervous. Next time I post here I will have crossed the Colorado border! Can’t believe I only have about 90 miles left of my 650ish miles through New Mexico! So exciting.

Ghost Ranch is beautiful. There’s also all-you-can-eat meals and wifi. And a piano. I wrote a new song! Kinda hard to hear though… Cheers, Slingshot.





It’s hard to see the elk in this photo



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