Lordsburg to Silver City

Quick 47 rant for you Sagehens out there: New Mexico is the 47th state, Silver’s atomic number is 47, I’m wearing a 47 hat. Coincidence? I think not.

Route planning
Shipping the guitar


call me don Quixote


New glasses scream “aw carne asahdude” s/o @alldaypa






Moleskine action


Agua stop
Tink in deadman canyon
Road walks always have weird things
Mmm beers and beards


The walk to Silver City, a little shy of 60 miles or so, was short and sweet.

In Lordsburg, I recovered from the first section, ate pizza, got a new book, and eventually decided to ship my guitar home. It was a tough decision, but I couldn’t justify lugging it around without giving it enough attention. Walking all day, I’ve found out, sucks the creative juice out of me. I got a little frustrated when I looked at my guitar, unable to piece together new tunes. The move to ship it home was a bit impulsive, but trading it out for a book has already brought me more trail happiness. I do miss it though. I’m hoping to write down lyrics as I walk and put them to music after — the opposite of my normal songwriting process. I typically come up with music/melody first then fit words or have a chorus of words and simultaneously write the music… I don’t really know to be honest.

I left Lordsburg, guitarless and with an even lighter pack, in the afternoon to walk 14 miles to a cow tank to meet up with Bambi and Harley Tinker Bell. It took a while to walk down the highway and then through flat ranch land. I finally made it up to the mountains where the two cow tanks were located. I caught up to Bambi at the first one, and we talked as cows stared us down. You get used to it. That and all of the cow pies everywhere. Everywhere.

We walked to the second tank, filled up some water, bleached it, then went into the canyon/wash to find a spot to camp out of the wind. The temperature was dropping, and  I put on my puffy for the first time. I also set up my tarp for the first time to trap some heat as I slept. Tinker Bell came walking by, and we shouted until he noticed us. Three is company. Nice sunset over the basin from our little perch on the border of the mountains. I smiled and crushed three green chile cheeseburgers I had packed in from McDonalds. #hikertrash

The next day was a long one. I passed the hundred mile marker; that felt good. I stocked up with water from a windmill faucet and walked along 4wd roads up and up. I came across Bambi, we happened to get off trail somehow then I went off bushwacking to find the trail again and never saw him after that. I think he’s a day or two ahead of me right now. After that, I climbed way up some mountains and reached almost 8000′ at Burro Peak. I was tired as heck, trying to make it to a water source for the night, as agreed with Tink, but I knew I wasn’t going to make it. I was so tired I thought a cow behind a tree was a bear and then a person and then a bear again. Jeezy peezy. On the way down from Burro Peak, I happened across a great spot for a camp and threw my stuff down. I’m out here alone, so I can do whatever I want or camp whenever I want, right? Right.

Another great sunset and meal with a #snickersgains for dessert (snickers with peanut butter on top). I started reading my vampire book as it grew dark and got a bit freaked out. This would be a good place for vampires to live… Lots of cows to feast on and the lone hikers… I put down my book and picked it back up again. I had to read but at the expense of being afraid all night. But then, Tink came walking down the trail! I was extremely delighted to see him to say the least.

The next day we made it to that water source, which was pretty much a hole in the ground with surprisingly clear water. After that, we walked down Deadman canyon to get to a dirt road which led us to the highway where we walked about 12 miles to get into Silver City. Road walks are pretty boring, but I try to make up for it by blasting music, dancing, and playing air guitar (too soon? Ah guitar) for the cars as they pass. Always bound to get some good looks.

We finally got into Silver City, grabbed a motel room, and headed over to the local brewery for a burger and beer. Awesome place. The town is so cool that we decided to take a full zero (full day of rest, so two nights).

I read about 200 pages to finish my vampire book and switched it out for an old, small version of Moby Dick (unabridged) from a local book store. I’m super excited about it. Got some groceries for the next push to Doc Campbell’s (my next stop) and also sent a box of food to the post office in Pie Town to pick up in a week or more or so.

This next section is actually an alternate route, not the official national scenic trail. It follows the Gila River, apparently we cross it more than 100 times, and eventually reconnects in Pie Town. Most everybody takes this route. I’ve only met one other hiker in the post office who is doing the official route through the Black Range.

It should be a load of fun. There are hot springs at the next stop too! I’m about ready to get back on the trail. Civilization is a little too much for me already. Oh well.

Cheers, slingshot


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