weighing stuff


Life has been good as I slowly gather gear and stay stoked for the CDT.

Lots of snow in Colorado… sounds like trouble. Or fun, depending on my mood… more on that in the future.

Anyways, I borrowed a scale and actually started weighing my stuff instead of guessing/reading online what I think the weights are. I have most of my gear gathered pretty much; I’m just missing some little stuff and other winter gear that I might pick up on the trail along the way (think ice axe, crampons/snowshoes, warmer clothes).

I’ve calculated my rough baseweight, so you can click on that to see the excel spreadsheet if you want. Baseweight is what you carry on your back minus expendables like food, water, and fuel. That list is still missing some small first aid things along with other “expendables” (things I switch out/will have varying amounts of during the trail like maps, sunscreen, tp, batteries). Not too sure if those things technically fall under official “baseweight” definition, but I don’t care too much. I’m just stoked to see that my weight is about 14 1/2 lbs right now even with my guitar and its strap + capo.

Obviously, the first aid stuff and other uncertainties makes my base pack weight sort of in a +/- 1 lb situation, but that’s fine by me. Looks like it’ll be the lightest pack I’ll have ever carried. Also, my pack, the ula circuit, is recommended for a ~15lbs baseweight. So cool. I’m sure this isn’t that interesting or exciting to other people out there BUT picture this right quick if you want to think in terms of ACTUAL weight on my back.

My first leg from Crazy Cook to Lordsburg is about 92 miles (I think). Let’s say I walk that in 5 days. That’s about 18 miles/day to build up my trail legs. I might end up walking it faster since water sources will be spread far apart – ah desert. Weight-wise, they say you carry roughly 2lbs of food a day and that 1 L of water weighs 2.2lbs. SO my max weight (full food and water capacity) for that leg would be…

15 (baseweight) + 10 (food) + 13.2 (6L water) = 38.2 lbs. That actually exceeds the ula circuit’s recommended max weight, 35lbs, but I think I will probably survive. Overall, it looks like I will not be carrying more than 40 lbs, which is fine by me. More realistically, let’s say my average carrying weight in the middle of a leg (say 3 days left) after filling up 3L of water (guess) looks like this:

15 (baseweight) + 6 (food) + 6.6 (3L water) = 27.6 lbs. I’m down for that.

Ok, enough silly hypothetical weight calculations… I didn’t even factor in fuel canisters which are about 6 oz when half used? Just weighed one I’ve been playing around with…

I might do a little photo or video journey through my gear sometime soon, but that might be a little boring and I might feel self-conscious…  if you want to talk gear with me, shoot me a message because I ❤ gear.

ANYWAYS, all things are good in life right now for me. Been busy working making money for the trail. Working makes me feel good. Having something to do everyday is great. I’ve also been running a lot, been doing this marathon training program on this Runkeeper app on my phone. Hopefully building up my legs to prevent those injuries!

I also reserved a CDTC shuttle (they drive you to the Mexican border from Lordsburg!) on Friday, April 22. Starting to feel a lot more serious. I still have to sit down and figure out my resupply route though…

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “weighing stuff

  1. We have an April 20 shuttle to Crazy Cook, so we will probably see see you in NM. My wife and I are retired and have been section hiking the CDT since 2007, and hope to do all of NM this year. I found your site while searching for more information about resupplying fuel for jetboil stove on the CDT. …see you on the trail! Dan and Gail (Odometer and Gutsy)


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