a poem

take all your favorite moments

and wrap them in a towel

put it in your backpack

and then go out

walk and climb across the land

as far as sight can see

then go a little further

can you do this? for me?

don’t look back, don’t hesitate

you’re living day by day

but still, you lug those things on your back

though they’ll never be the same

can’t you see? you can’t let go

all those memories, those people, those hearts

they’ll be fine, i swear

have some faith

i’ll tell you, i know from experience

it never goes away

that longing

it makes you stop and wish for Earth to stop spinning

i’ll tell you what, a little secret

a trick of mine

find a place

maybe a mountain where rivers begin

and bury your treasures

let them be

then, with the load off your shoulders

and the smile that they are there

go back and hug your family

you won’t vanish into air


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