Video mobile upload practice

This is sort of a test post– posting from my phone like I would be doing while hiking.

In other news, you might’ve seen my snapchat, I found a way to rig up my Washburn Rover guitar (been in our house for about 10 years) onto my pack in a pretty good way. I can also use a trash bag to waterproof it. Pretty stoked- it’s only 2.4 pounds. I will be taking it along with a capo and will hopefully write and record music and sing with other people on the trail. I’m also gonna bring a sharpie so people I meet can sign their names on the guitar.. Very excited.


I will probably record music as videos and upload them to YouTube and post them here, seems the easiest way to do it.

This is a video of a song Peter Atkin and I were working on at school last semester. I don’t think we ever officially finished, we just recorded this video to keep track of our progress… Enjoy! (There’s an f bomb in there just a heads up)


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